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FDX-A/B Card Reader Module

Embedded FDX-B Animal Tag Reader Module Ardunio

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Power supply:5V/30mA

Frequency:134.2khz(Error 1kHz)

Support Card protocol:ISO11784/ISO11785 FDX-B


Baud rate:9600

Checkout bit:None

Data Bit:8

Stop Bit:1

Antenna size:50*70mm

Antenna inductor:300uH

 Tag Type  Distance
30mm ear Tag 60mm
2*12mm glass tag 40mm
1.5*8.5mm glass tag 25mm

* The results of the test are for reference only

For example, the 16 binary data of animal labels are: 03 84 12 DB FA E7 D5

(Country ID:03 84, National ID:12 DB FA E7 D5)


Serial port protocol: AA 0F 08 00  03 84 12 DB FA E7 D5  81 BB 

AA is the starting code; 

0F 08 00 (the three data is fixed) 

03 84 12 DB FA E7 D5 (animal label data) 

B1 (exclusive or check code)

BB (end code)

Check code:0F(XOR)08(XOR)00(XOR)03(XOR) 84(XOR)12(XOR)DB(XOR) FA(XOR)E7(XOR)D5=81





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