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How to make a suitable size animal scanner antenna

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The number of turns of a rectangular RF coil can be calculated using the following formula:

 N=sqrt (L * R)/( μ ₀* μ ᵣ* (W * H)) 

 Among them, N represents the number of turns of the coil, L represents the inductance of the coil, and R represents the resistance of the coil, μ ₀ represents the magnetic permeability in vacuum (approximately 4 π × 10 ⁻⁷H/m), μ ᵣ represents the relative magnetic permeability of the coil material, W represents the width of the coil, and H represents the height of the coil. 

 This formula is based on approximate assumptions, assuming that the coil is an ideal coil tightly wound and its resistance is mainly caused by the wire material itself at operating frequency. Please note that this formula is suitable for simple approximate calculations of rectangular RF coils, and it is assumed that the shape of the coil is regular. For irregularly shaped coils, further numerical methods or more accurate calculation methods may be needed to obtain accurate turns. At the same time, this formula also assumes that the coil is a single layer without winding spacing. If there are multiple layers or intervals, further correction of the formula is needed. Therefore, in practical applications, adjustments and optimizations may need to be made based on specific circumstances.


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